About Inner Source Living

Something Different

Inner Source Living is a unique and innovative holistic healing center in Madeira, Ohio.

Proprietor and practitioner Sue McLaughlin uses her combined expertise in BodyTalk™ and Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT) to guide her clients toward healing. Sue is the first practitioner to marry these two powerful systems, creating a healing style all her own.

Inner Source Living is dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable, and confidential space for healing.

About Sue

Sue has been there. Through her own healing journey, Sue came to know a new-found sense of herself. She experiences more joy and is more grounded in her own life.  This is why she chooses to support others along their own personal healing journey.

This new-found peace was, in fact, a calling for Sue to share the modalities she had learned and their tremendous healing potential with others.

As a BodyTalk™ and EPT Practitioner, Sue focuses on the integral connection between emotional and physical health. Sue’s holistic approach, in conjunction with conventional medicine, provides for better overall health based on treating the mind, body and spirit.

Professional Trust

Inner Source Living is trusted by doctors, chiropractors, and talk therapists, who all refer their patients to Sue McLaughlin. Sue’s innovative methods are a great support and compliment to the healing journey.


Our body inherently knows how to heal itself—when we experience a cut, it heals. However, certain factors like day-to-day stress, emotional scars, pain, illnesses or physical trauma can create an imbalance that represses or even shuts down our body’s natural healing process. BodyTalk™ brings awareness to the situation causing the imbalance and then re-establishes the body’s natural capability to heal itself at a deep and lasting level. The healing results can leave you feeling lighter, more in control, and more satisfied with your life choices.

Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT)

Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT) has its roots in the philosophy that our physical well-being is influenced by our emotions, thoughts and spoken words. Subconscious beliefs, repressed emotions and stress can disguise themselves in many ways, including: anxiety, depression, migraines, weight gain, digestive issues, TMJ, and skin conditions. Through EPT, the subconscious limiting beliefs emerge into the conscious mind, allowing the client to let them go and begin to feel “unstuck” and “empowered” to live life more fully.