Connecting with Your Body 101


Do you disregard aches and pains as aging or wear and tear because you are too busy to deal with it?
Do you feel you are carrying the weight of Your World on your shoulders, or your waist?
Learn why you may be experiencing brain fog, poor sleep, digestion issues…

Over time we get so used to how our body “manages” stress that we don’t realize that it is trying to get our attention. Our brain and body get stuck in old patterns and believe they are working for our greater good. However, as we replay these patterns over and over, they become more deeply embedded, keeping us stuck in our old ways of being. When we can recognize we are stuck in a pattern of just getting by, only then can we change our pattern to one that allows us to Enjoy our Lives!

Workshop outline

  • 5 common areas where stress is held in our bodies and what it means
  • Quick self-care techniques to release stress and calm anxiety
  • Identify and break through old patterns that keep you stuck from enjoying life


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