What to Expect in a Typical Session

Sue’s Holistic Technique

Sue implements a combination of modalities together to support your mind, body, and spirit transformation as old patterns and imbalances begin to shift.

Clearing Your Imbalances

Your confidential session flows in two directions. The first direction moves you from the emotional to the physical by identifying the emotion or belief that has made you “stuck” and identifying the point in your life that this happened.

The second direction flows from the physical to the emotional, identifying how the emotions are participating in the body’s imbalances.  Then imbalances and/or limiting beliefs are released through the use of rebalancing techniques.

Every session is a little different. Sometimes there is more conversation (verbal processing), however, most sessions do not require much conversation at all.  In either case, Sue keeps the client informed of what she has discovered and how it plays a role in focus of the session.

After a session with Sue, you may experience profound relaxation, a better understanding of your physical or emotional patterns, and relief from symptoms of stress.