Everyone is saying good things...

Five Stars for Inner Source Living

Sue McLaughlin at Inner Source Living is praised by her clients for being completely effective with her holistic healing methods, while also being down to earth, trustworthy, and approachable.

See the community’s own words about why they rate Inner Source Living with a nearly perfect 5-star rating.

Life Changing and Eye Opening

“I was astounded by the things my brain and body was holding onto and so incredibly grateful to have found Inner Source Living. Aches and pains I have lived with for 10+ years have reduced significantly. Sue is absolutely exceptional!”


PTSD Session

“My boyfriend (diagnosed with PTSD after leaving the Iraq War) went to Sue for a session in hopes of decreasing his anxiety levels around people and letting go of some awful experiences. After attending the session with him and watching him interact with people afterwards, I can truly say‚Ķthis process works. This is a weight that has lifted off his chest and mine! Sue did an incredible job at making us feel comfortable and we highly recommend her!”


Self Discovery Through the Body

“In just a few short minutes, Sue was able to reveal emotional pain points in my body from decades ago, that I didn’t even realize existed. It was truly striking to discover just how closely the body and mind are connected. Life is hard and can be very stressful. Even things that happen in your youth can affect your organs later in life, in ways you don’t realize. Sue’s practices open your inner eyes in a way that is very freeing.”


Amazing Experience

“I cannot recommend Sue at Inner Source Living highly enough! She enabled me to move past the road blocks in my life, which has changed my entire perspective of my current situation. She is so compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. The healing technique that Sue uses is very powerful!”