Aligning Body & Heart

Holistic healing to create new life patterns.




You Hold the Key

Do you want to move forward in life, but you are held back, and you don’t understand why?

Your physical well-being is influenced by your emotions. In order to deal with stress and emotional pain, your body has stored painful feelings at a cellular level, which often leads to unhealthy physical responses. These are patterns that you can hold onto unknowingly for years.

Inner Source Living’s proprietor and practitioner, Sue McLaughlin, uses modern holistic methods to guide you through the personal, emotional, and physical journey by interrupting your old patterns and coming up with new formulas that your body can use, so that you can live the life you imagine for yourself.


Life is change. Inner Source Living’s unique holistic healing method supports you through transitions in your relationships, career, calling, and life circumstances.

Get Un-Stuck

Your body is about survival. When you start DOING, things may go wrong! Your mind is calling you to move forward, but your body is not cooperating. Sound familiar?

Addiction Support

If you are ready to let go of old, unhealthy patterns, Inner Source Living’s gentle holistic techniques can be used in combination with traditional medicine and therapy.

Holistic Health in Madeira, Ohio

Inner Source Living is a holistic health center in Madeira, Ohio, also serving the communities of Indian Hill and Greater Cincinnati.


I am not exaggerating when I say that working with Sue transformed my life! I was able to release old beliefs that were keeping me stuck and move into a more wholehearted life that is full of joy, gratitude, and compassion (for myself and others). I am recommending Sue to all my friends and family because of my experience.